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Meet Manon

Manon was going through difficult times and her mortgagee was going to foreclose on her property.  The bank was going to Power of Sale her garage, and she couldn’t get refinancing anywhere.  As a self-employed woman, she was unable to verify her income to qualify at the bank. She met our mortgage specialist, Jack, who was able to secure a private lender to provide financing to keep her garage.


“If it wasn’t for Jack and Ontario Mortgage Specialist I wouldn’t own my own business still, now I'm doing better than ever” Manon




Meet Linda

A major bank was going to foreclose on Linda and sell her house through power of sale. Linda was referred to our mortgage specialist through a good friend. 3 days before eviction, she received the financing, and the actions were stopped thanks to our mortgage specialist, Jack. Linda still lives in the house today.


“I didn’t have a lot of time to find the money, I thought i was going to lose my house for sure. Jack REALLY saved me, and my family. Thanks for everything you have done Jack!” Linda




Meet Terry

Terry is a self employed seasonal worker. Terry wanted to own a home, but couldn’t qualify for a mortgage anywhere. Through a private lender our mortgage specialist, Jack, was able to arrange a mortgage so Terry could finally own a house of his own.


 “Thanks Jack, you really are the best!” Terry




Meet Randy

Self employed and looking for a property for his business and his home, Randy was unable to qualify for mortgage through a bank due to bad credit. Randy met with our mortgage specialist, Jack, who was able to arrange a mortgage. Randy’s business is doing great, and he is glad to have his house.


“If you need someone who can work with you to prove your income and secure money, theres no better the Jack, so easy to work with, thanks again Jack.” Randy





Meet Tom

Tom needed property to expand his business, onto which he was going to construct a new building. Other brokers had “talked” about getting him a mortgage and he was strung along for awhile. He finally met with our mortgage specialist, Jack, who was able to get him a mortgage in only a few days.


“I was sick of brokers telling me that they could get me financing and not delivering. I met Jack and in literally no time i was set up and able to get my new property.” Tom




Meet Brent

Brent is a farmer who was going through a divorce. He had tried for 4 months to get financing for his farm, almost losing the property. Several banks turned him down, and he was referred by a friend to meet with our mortgage specialist, Jack. Jack was able to arrange a private mortgage in just a couple of weeks and keep the farm.


“I was going through a tough time, and my credit really looked horrible. Jack was able to straighten the books and show to his lenders that i could afford my farm. He came through in no time at all, he is GREAT to work with” Brent




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